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Priscilla Lowe

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  A Message from The Chair:  

  Unity in a Changing World


 This year’s annual meeting was a grand event.  One door closed with our saying good bye to our illustrious Executive Minister, Rev. Dr. Marcia Patton who has provided the region with her unquestionable loyalty, leadership and friendship and has helped mold and shape what we refer to as “The Evergreen Way”.  There were many accolades and gifts bestowed on Marcia that weekend including the honor of Executive Minister Emeritus.  Through all of the praises and gifts she remains humble and a true servant of God.  So to Marcia: whenever and wherever God opens that next door for you, may your service to him illumine the way for others to follow Jesus.

 As God is leading Marcia to share her gift of service in other ways, He has opened the door for a dynamic, gifted and spiritual new leader for Evergreen in the person of the Rev. Douglas Avilesbernal from Norristown PA.  He and his lovely wife, Anna, and their two sons showed us that they are a perfect fit for Evergreen.  He understands the Evergreen Way.  He received a unanimous approval by consensus from all of the caucuses and we are embracing Rev Avilesbernal and family with God’s grace and love for a blessed journey with all of Evergreen Association.  WELCOME to the great Pacific Northwest.

 On behalf of Evergreen Association, thank you to each member of the search committee and Dr. Jeff Woods for your time and all the effort you put into listening to God and the Association to identify Rev. Avilesbernal.  

Now that the search committee work is done, a transition committee has been formed and will plan the welcoming and installation  celebrations for Rev. Avilesbernal soon.

 Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at pbl.deacon@hotmail.com

 Thank you, and Blessings to all -


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