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Priscilla Lowe

Association Chair

Mbr. New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

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  A Message from The Chair:  

2016-2017 Theme: Unity in a Changing World

 Joyfully I welcome the nearly summer-like weather.  I know it is coming, but it likes to tease me—one or two days of 70-degree temperature followed by  a week of cloudy skies, cool temperatures and of course, more rain.  But here in Seattle that is no surprise.  

Evergreen Baptist Association has moved along at a steady pace—doing what we always do and feeling good about our efforts.  There is nothing wrong with that; however, change is upon us and our easy steady pace might be challenged to move a little faster.  Challenges represent change, and that can be good.  Challenges also represent transitions which can also be a good thing.  

 The Annual Meeting will include a Saturday night celebration banquet for Dr. Marcia Patton.  So, please plan to stay Saturday night.  

Also, we are hopeful that the search committee will be ready to present a candidate which we can affirm for the Executive Minister’s position. I have high expectation for our new Executive Minister, as should you—that he/she will bring new ideas, a vision that will move us a step higher and clearly acknowledges and appreciates the work we have already done.  

My one challenge for our new Executive Minister is to get all of our active churches both in and outside of Washington

 State at the table without allowing distance or language to be a barrier or a challenge for our future growth.  

Read Romans 12:11-13  (NIV)  “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord…”, and pray for the Committee’s discernment of God’s will for Evergreen.

 Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at pbl.deacon@hotmail.com

 Thank you, and God Bless -


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