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Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches @2017

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INTRODUCTION --- This Summary Profile/History of the Evergreen Region is provided in support of the Search for a new Executive Director due to the retirement of the first Executive, Dr. Marcia Patton This document is not intended to be taken as the comprehensive History and Profile of Evergreen. The objective of this document is to provide candidates for the position with an overview of the region along with a brief history for their consideration during the search process.

I --- History and Structure of the Region

 Short history on how and why Evergreen was formed

 The Evergreen Baptist Association gathered at Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle on February 22, 2003 for an historic meeting to adopt by-laws.

These by-laws are unique to an American Baptist Region.

They are historic on two counts:

The way ethnic caucuses are part of the process of the structure of the Region, and

The manner of acting being by consensus.

How did Evergreen Baptist Association come to this? It all began with a debate in the American Baptist Churches of the Northwest (ABC/NW). A by-law proposal failed by the slimmest of margins to pass by the supermajority required at the May 2000 Biennial Convention of ABC/NW. A resolution did pass that stated:

“With deep regret, we acknowledge that a reorganization of the Region is necessary, and call for a regional process, including the proposed self-study, to determine the configuration of the new regional structure, to be determined on or before May 2002 with an interim report to the churches in May 2001.”

As a result, data gathering was done during the fall Area Conventions. A gathering called “Future Search” was held at Ross Point Camp and Conference Center in Post Falls, Idaho (one of the 7 camps of ABC/NW) in November of 2000. 72 people from around the Region met for three days. The group recommended to the ABC/NW Board to ask churches in the Seattle Baptist Union (SBU) (an existing corporation of churches in the Greater Seattle area) to form a New Region of American Baptist Churches.

The SBU was incorporated nearly 100 years ago, and existed as an entity even before that time. It has very precise boundaries according to its by-laws that include most of King County (in which all the city of Seattle is) and a southern portion of Snohomish County (just north of King County), 40 churches at the time of this decision. It has received and distributed monies each year. Its charter is grants and loans—giving relatively small grants to churches to jump start new programs. It also gives low interest loans to member churches to help in revitalization and/or building projects. In the previous 5-6 years, it gave significant grants to ABC/NW for its general budget.

 The concept and operations of the Evergreen Caucus

The original founders of the Evergreen Baptist Association had a keen desire for racial/ethnic equality in the association. Thus, the founders devised the Caucuses structure based on the caucuses concept of the American Baptist Convention. The Caucuses are:  

(1) Euro American (2) African American (3) Hispanic and (4) Asian American

The Caucuses of the Evergreen Baptist Association has these primary responsibilities:

--- Share communications from the American Baptist Convention with their members and support the ABC National Caucus

--- Establish agendas for the Evergreen Baptist Association Board meetings and the annual Membership Annual Meetings

--- Recommend new churches facilities to the Board

--- Each Caucus will select and place two (2) members on the Executive Committee of the Evergreen Association

--- As stated above, the Executive Committee is comprised of two (2) members from each of the Caucuses. The Executive Committee meets monthly with the leadership roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, rotating between the Caucuses for a two (2) year term. However, no Caucus member can serve more than six (6) consecutive years

--- The General Board meet quarterly and is composed of two (2) representatives from each participating church.

--- The Evergreen Baptist Association Annual meeting is held each year in October.

--- Leadership Training is held in January of each year.

II --- Geography

 Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches is an American Baptist Region of churches in Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Venezuela and Washington state. A listing of member churches, along with Pastors and contact information is attached as Appendix A.

      Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Robert Ma

III --- Significant Ministries and Programs of the Evergreen Region

In addition to the various conferences and conventions, the Evergreen Baptist Region significant events are (1) the Annual MLK Program presented in the Seattle area (2) Special support of the Haiti Mission and (3) Active participation in the programs of the American Baptist Foundation

VI --- Evergreen Ministry Partners

American Baptist Churches USA (ABC-USA)

ABC-USA is the national association of American Baptist Churches in the US.

American Baptist Home Mission Societies

International Ministries

American Baptist Seminary of the West

Church Council of Greater Seattle

The Judson Press

American Baptist Homes of the West

The Faith Action Network

Pacific Coast Baptist Association