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  Marcia’s Musings:  On Money

 Okay, if you’ve read this far, first thing, if you are giving over and above gifts this Christmas time, remember Evergreen in your giving. If you are leading a church, remind your congregation that Evergreen gets approximately fifty cents for every dollar given to American Baptist United Mission and the rest goes across the ABC family.

 If you are still reading, thanks! Today (which was several days ago by the time you are reading this) I closed out Evergreen’s accounts with Chase Bank and transferred that money to Home Street Bank. In many ways money is a bother. But while on this errand I listened to NPR on the radio and they were doing a piece on bit coin currency (or questioning whether it should be currency)…it has been a loooong time since my economics classes in college and I had big problems staying awake for the classes then! The real point is I don’t particularly like dealing with money. I’ve really had a hard time with Chase Bank, not necessarily because of the money side of things but because of their customer service (or lack thereof). The first time I visited the branch (back when it was Washington Mutual) they indicated in not so subtle ways that they really didn’t want our business and in the first years we had stumble after stumble with them. Over the years there would be strange things like them claiming they didn’t have enough money in the branch to cash one of our checks!

Another time they asked on a deposit transaction to see Clem’s ID but when I returned with a similar transaction, they didn’t ask for mine, that was what spurred us to say, we must find a different bank. That money I retrieved this morning (in one of the better transaction with Chase, except they never asked why we were closing the accounts) will go to our new accounts with Home Street Bank.

 The NPR program reminded me that money is our accepted form of barter. For dollars, we purchase goods and services. We are also willing to give those dollars so services and goods can be given to those in need or given to faith organizations that proclaim our faith and values. In these days of everyone asking for gifts, I find it difficult to ask you to add Evergreen to the list. I believe we do significant work. I know that many of those others asking also do significant work. I know most people will never hear of Evergreen or if they do may never understand what it is we do (make a difference in every community where we have a church because that’s what our churches do).

 So therefore, it is only to those who know us that an appeal can be made. Sometimes, if I don’t talk about money and Evergreen, you will not know, that the giving of our churches and individuals and support from Seattle Baptist Union make our work possible.

Thanks to all of you who have given and who have read to the last sentence of this article.

If you have discretionary gifts, remember Evergreen.         



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