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  Marcia’s Musings:  Remembering Native Peoples

Over ten years ago I got involved with some other folks to help mark the 20th Anniversary of a letter of apology sent to Northwest Native People by a number of ecumenical leaders, including the American Baptists.

I’ve been similarly involved the last couple of years as we seek to appropriately note the 30th Anniversary. Even though this apology originated in the Northwest the Native People took it around the world and all our churches have a relationship whether you are aware of it with Native people. Please go to the website below to read the original and 10 year anniversary of the apology.

I also invite you to help celebrate the year 2017 by marking the 30th Anniversary of the Letter of Apology to Northwest First Nations peoples by the ecumenical community. The Native Peoples received it and took it around the globe. As a small response, I am asking each congregation to visit the website for the Interfaith Network for Indigenous Communities http://fanwa.org/inic and find something in the resources and/or events that you can do in your congregation as a way of honoring our Native American neighbors.

Your response may be as simple as making a statement of thanks as you begin each gathering, honoring the native peoples who cared for the land on which you are meeting. It may be sponsoring a “repudiation of the doctrine of discovery” workshop for your community. Consider offering a sermon or screening a documentary in your faith community. What I am asking is that you do something, remembering that we have an obligation, put in writing 30 years ago, that needs ongoing attention on a regular basis.

Thank you for your commitment to this anniversary.



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