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  Marcia’s Musings:  Its All About Relationships (Part3)

  The last two months I’ve written in this column about our immediate ABC relationships, nationally and locally. This month I’m writing about additional relationships that I think are important to our life and ministry. Two are local to the Seattle Area and the third is more national. We have given a small amount each year to two ecumenical organizations (we could have given to many more)—the Church Council of Greater Seattle (CCofGS) and Faith Action Network (FAN). The Church Council is pretty much what its title describes. We’ve had representatives on their board and have shared leadership with the CCofGS over the years. They do a variety of important ministries in and around the greater Seattle area. Their current director Michael Ramos has come to several Evergreen events and is one of our cheerleaders in the area.  

 The Faith Action Network is a state-wide organization in Washington. It was formerly the Washington Association of Churches, but in an effort to be inter-faith and offer a more focused ministry in advocacy, they joined forces with other organizations and formed FAN. FAN does fantastic advocacy work in Washington State and has given leadership to state- wide advocacy for Native American concerns, including recognition of the anniversary of the letter of apology signed by ecumenical partners in 1987, seen as a significant step by our First Nations peoples in the area.  

 I know our local congregations that are outside the geography of these institutions participate with ecumenical or inter-faith partners to accomplish much ministry in their local communities. I think these relationships are important and applaud the good work of those congregations! Thank you for your witness.

 The third organization important to our ministry is Kaleidoscope Institute, whose Executive Director is Eric Law. He has willingly shared with us materials and provided great training for many of our members over the years. The Institute is at the moment a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles but they are in the process of figuring out how to become more independent. I’m currently serving on their board. If you don’t know about their ministries, look in this newsletter for an announcement about their latest training in the Northwest. In addition they have training in Los Angeles as well as other places around the country. Their mission is competent leadership in a diverse, changing world. They have training on 365 Stewardship as well as Gracious Leadership and Gracious Dialogue on Race. Their website is http://www.kscopeinstitute.org/


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