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  Marcia’s Musings:  Trust the Process

  As the time of my service as Executive Minister draws to a close (an exact date will not be known until a new executive is chosen and indicates when he or she will be able to assume the duties), I am hearing a growing anxiety about what/who comes next.  

 Early in Evergreen’s life we had to learn to trust the process.  And in RESPECT Communication Guidelines established by Eric Law, which we use as our backdrop to all meetings, the T stands for “Trust ambiguity; we are not here to debate who is right or wrong”.  The two statements are similar and can guide us, alongside scripture which assures us that God cares.  God has brought us to this point and will carry us forward.

 Along the way we have learned to trust each other and that trust has become the Evergreen Way.  Likewise, we must trust the search committee.  They have been meeting regularly and reporting to us.  They have been working with Rev. Dr. Jeff Woods who has been facilitator for our leader retreat several times, and specifically was with us the last two years as we anticipated this new venture in our lives.  Jeff has led many search committees over his 14-year career as Associate General Secretary for Regional Relationships.  I think he understands the uniqueness of Evergreen, but he also knows it is the search committee’s work and decision going forward.

 The search committee started with the work we did last year of gathering data among ourselves.  They developed a job description and posted the position opening.  Committee members told me they received excellent names; they have had a couple of meetings to reduce the pool and are preparing to have face-to-face conversations with the candidates.  That is what I know, and it is information available to everyone.

 We anticipate that the candidate will be present, if possible, at our annual meeting so people may meet and greet him/her on Friday and Saturday. Evergreen by-laws require that the Association affirm the candidate at an Annual Meeting or Special meeting  Part of the business meeting on Saturday morning October 14 will be to affirm (or not) the candidate.   If for some reason the search committee does not have a candidate available for our annual meeting, a Special Meeting will be called later to do that work. So, first we trust the process because we know good people are in it and God is with us. Second, we know there is a backup plan if first expectations do not go as anticipated.

 I will be at work until that new person is on board, whether it is soon after the middle of October or later.

Trusting with you,


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