Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches @2017

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My Evergreen Story


Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches @2017

Evergreen Association

Of America Baptist Churches

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Ever growing in God’s grace, over the years I have cultivated my relationship with Him. While doing so I can now assess what my Evergreen Experience means to my faith journey as I become a more mature Christian.

As an adolescent, I attended church because my parents convinced me it was the right thing to do and it was one of the few ―nice places to wear your prettiest clothes and act and be treated like a lady.

By the time I got to be a teenager, I was curious about this thing called ―religion. My family didn’t have membership in a church (though my grandparents were longstanding members of a Baptist church in Eldorado Arkansas, and when we stayed with them we always went to church). However, we did go of-ten enough that I got used to the format of worship services. So I knew that there was something called devotion and folks talked about the good things God had done for them. Then there was the music; (I’ve always loved all kinds of music) and the songs reminded me of stories I’d heard from the pulpit, so I began to say to myself, ―this information is coming from the Bible and I see that a lot of people have Bibles of their own. So I got my own. It was a King James Version, and the King’s English wasn’t quite making the connection for me...My curiosity led me to purchase a New King James Version of the Bible. Ahhh – at last I could understand God’s Word, and it gradually began to seep into my lifestyle.

I joined the Martin Luther King Memorial Baptist Church, which at the time was the only black Baptist church in the Renton area, where I was living...

And in 2003, my pastor encouraged me to attend meetings of the newly formed Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches. In earlier years, I’d attended workshops sponsored by the region, but when I began participating in Evergreen Association Board Meetings, Caucus Meetings and the Executive Committee, I really began to grow in His grace.

Through Evergreen, God opened my heart to expect a ministry that would be a gift from Him. Not to say He hadn’t already bestowed gifts upon me. As a choir director, I’ve been blessed to experience His Glory and to travel as I never would have otherwise. But when I got involved in the Evergreen ministry, I began to understand that many of my thoughts, expectations and experiences were the same as many others with whom I never would have fellowshipped or worked had it not been for the Evergreen way.

Had it not been for the inspiration which came from a new way to worship and serve God, I would not be the woman I am today. The caucuses continue to inspire me by affirming that no matter what we look like, there is a place at God’s table for us all.

As I grow in His grace, I ask you to join me in learning to hear God’s word as we plant new seeds in His name.

To God be the glory,

Sis. Stephanie Commandest

MLK Memorial Baptist Church.

Stephanie Commandest