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Evergreen Youth In Action

Marionna Winbush-Hayes :

This was a wonderful opportunity to work with and to be among the people of Haiti.


Youth In Action

Youth In Action

Haiti—A First Trip and A Desire to Return Marionna Winbush-Hayes

This trip was my first mission trip. I was not the youngest, but I was one of the youngest and I fit right in. The idea of this mission trip was scary at first because of my fear about riding in small airplanes and just being in another country where it had been necessary to make a special visit to my doctor and get special medication before traveling there. But once I arrived in Cap Haitien Haiti my view point changed dramatically.

From the people to the way of living, I was surprised how well the people are doing for themselves. Following the earthquakes and based on what I’d heard in the news and gathered from the Evergreen missionaries who traveled there in 2012, I saw a big improvement.

Being in Haiti I learned not to take things for granted, even the smallest things, like toilets. Sometimes there were no toilets, other times outhouses served and other times what served as toilets were worse than the first ones mentioned here.

While out in a wonderful, hot country we helped build a school, learned some words and phrases of a new language (creole-the language of the common people), visited schools (students wear uniforms), went to church, and met many new people.

The best part of the fun things we did was riding in the back of a truck while going 70 MPH. There appear to be no strict street laws, just driving – cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, people and animals all interweaving and traveling on the same roads without line markings; but they were still safe about it. I don’t think it would be good to learn how to drive in Haiti and then apply for my license in the US.

I am grateful to my church family, New Beginnings Christian Fellowship for your prayers and financial support as well as the Evergreen Association for this opportunity.

Coming to experience how people in Haiti live were both educational and worth the trip. I’m happy to say that this was the best trip ever, and I would love to return someday soon.

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